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Article: New name. Same silliness

New name. Same silliness

New name. Same silliness

Today, I officially launched our rebrand from Made by Chanamon to Maison Chanamon, along with a new website, refreshed brand design, and more. I’m excited to share the new updates and what it means for the business.

What’s Different

What’s changed is the business name, logo word mark, typefaces, and website style. What hasn’t changed is our adorable products, environmentally-conscious production practices, brand values, and dedication to our customers. I also solidified our brand identity during this process. Over the years I have made various little branding decisions on an as-needed basis, creating visual assets based on feeling and not thinking about our visual identity. I hired a design agency to take a look at my work and tell me how to form the brand’s visual identity. This review showed me that I had incidentally created the brand’s identity already and pretty much had everything I needed. They helped me to actually sit down and lay out the rules and guidelines of the visual identity, along with providing some recommendations for how to use it effectively. They also created space for additional visual assets to carry this identity throughout the website, like the shapes on the homepage and iconography sprinkled around.

Typography before & after


What Happened

This process of rebranding the business began this past summer during my 984th time questioning the name “Made by Chanamon.” I chose this name back in 2018 when my business was all handmade goods. From ceramics to greeting cards to stickers fresh from my Cricut machine, I literally made every single product I sold. It only made sense that the name simply reflect that as a key factor in what the brand carried. Slowly over time, as I upgraded to expert manufacturing processes and expanded product categories, fewer of my products have been manufactured by my hands than not. The summer was also when I began hiring assistants. By then, it felt completely fraudulent of me to operate under “Made by Chanamon” when I was having others in the studio assembling the products. The time for a name change had finally come.

I’ve long been wanting to improve my online store as well. When I opened my independent Shopify site in 2022, I went with a free theme that offered a clean aesthetic but was pretty barebones in terms of personality. My online store has been very functional, but I’ve found it lacking in providing new visitors with a clear picture of what my brand stands for. You only really knew the values and personality behind the brand if you closely followed me on Instagram or managed to read through all my blog posts. The new website offers a more personal experience specific to my brand as well as a more aesthetic shopping experience that only apparently a $300 Shopify theme could offer 😬

What Now

The rebranding process has taught me to think more specifically and holistically when creating for my business. I’ve found myself fading into the sea of other similar creators lately, and I believe defining and fostering my brand vision will help me stand out. It’s a bit too much to get out in this post, so I’ll dedicate another blog post soon to the brand’s mission and how my values have influenced it. For now, know that the true personality behind the brand and our products remains unchanged. The rebrand now allows for the business to have its own voice beyond just mine, and gives it room to grow and have a bigger impact on our customers. I’m excited to open this new chapter in the businesses journey and look forward to sharing it with all of you.

If you’re new here and want to know more about what Maison Chanamon stands for, check out our About page.


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