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About Maison Chanamon

We create products that promote happiness, mental health awareness, and community. Featuring original artwork by founder Chanamon Ratanalert, our stickers, stationery, apparel, and accessories are designed to bring warmth and whimsy to everyday life.

About The Artist

A self-taught artist, Chanamon began selling her illustrated goods in 2017 as a way to fuel her creativity. At the time, she was years into a successful career in the tech industry, but as the Maison Chanamon brand grew, Chanamon realized that sharing her art was bringing her more joy and fulfillment than any traditional 9 to 5 job ever could. 

In 2020, faced with corporate burnout, Chanamon quit her job and put her energy into growing her art business full-time. The decision to pursue her passion ushered in a journey of healing and empowerment. While being a daughter of immigrants had taught Chanamon to value prestige and stability, for the first time, she was placing just as much value on her own happiness and mental health. From her small studio in San Francisco, CA, Chanamon hopes to inspire others to do the same. 

Our Products

At the heart of all our products are whimsical illustrations that spread cheer and color while also acknowledging that life can be complex and difficult. Whether it’s the Struggle Bus Sticker or an item inspired by Chanamon’s Asian American childhood nostalgia, our products are made to spark a sense of togetherness. Known for its vibrant hues, simple lines, and spirited characters, Chanamon’s art often anthropomorphizes everyday objects to bring out the silliness of human nature in ways that are both relatable and fun. 

Each design begins as a hand-drawn pencil sketch before coming to life digitally with Chanamon’s clean and minimalistic touches full of personality. Throughout the production process that transforms an illustration into a product, we monitor every step—from using ethical manufacturers and reducing the use of plastic, to ensuring that the final product meets the high quality standard our customers deserve. When shipping our products to you and our retailers, we’re mindful of minimizing unnecessary packaging and repurposing materials in our studio so that nothing goes to waste.

Where to Find Us

We’re proud to have our products bringing smiles to a growing list of retailers across the US and Canada. True to our craft fair roots, we also pop up at select markets and events, which you can find out about by following us on Instagram

Chanamon’s work has been exhibited in places like Gallery Nucleus and Empire 7 Studios, and she’s been recognized for her work as an AAPI creator by publications like Buzzfeed and Rover. 

Perhaps you'll even see our signature ghost character on one of our beloved customers that has had it tattooed. We’re so grateful for all the ways our work has resonated with you.


Send Me Across The Sea Vol. 5, Helvella 2024

Lucky Dragon, Helvella 2024

Send Me Across The Sea Vol. 4, Helvella 2023

Sweet & Sour, Empire 7 Studios 2023

Power in Numbers 7, Gallery Nucleus 2022