About the artist

Hello! My name is Chanamon Ratanalert and I run this shop from my apartment in San Francisco, CA. With my shop, I hope to spread cheer and color to the world through my art. In our predominantly digital world, I love working with my hands and creating tangible products that connect others––to encourage, celebrate, spread love, or simply make someone smile! 

When I began this shop in 2017, it was just a hobby to fuel my creative side outside of my 9-to-5 tech job. Eventually, I realized how much joy creating these illustrations and products gave me and how I longed to be an artist full-time. Because my immigrant parents raised me to strive for prestige and stability, it took me quite a while to convince myself to abandon the life I had built thus far. It became impossible to ignore that I was miserable with that life and should strive for happiness and things I'm passionate about instead.

As of 2021, I can now say that I've quit the corporate life and pursue my dream of being an illustrator full-time and making art for people like you! It's a lot of work and not often easy, but I am much more fulfilled and happy with my life now.

You can checkout my process and other creative pursuits on my Instagram: @madebychanamon

Thanks for stopping by!
xoxo - Chanamon
For any questions or issues about orders, please email me at shop@chanamon.com