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Resources for Your Small Business

I try and test a lot of different things for my business. Here are all my tips in one place so you can learn from my experiences! Read my blog and follow along on social media for more in-depth tips and tricks.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

Where I shop for my small business, focusing on locally and/or ethically made products and supplies that are not Amazon.

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How to Sell at Craft Fairs and Other Events

A beginner's guide on how to begin selling your products at craft fairs, art markets, pop-ups, or conventions in person.

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How to Choose Craft Fairs

How to choose which events to sell at in person.

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Finding Markets & Craft Fairs

6 ways to find local events to vend at in-person.

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Wholesale Tips

How I approach retailers to purchase my products wholesale to sell in their stores.

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Wholesale FAQ

Frequently asked questions about how wholesale works and how I manage it for my business.

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1:1 Sessions With Me

Get personalized advice and feedback from me in a 40-minute virtual coaching session.

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