Taking Time Away from My Business Helped It Grow

  1. Working for a business similar to what I hope mine will one day be really lit the fire in me to make progress. It was a bit difficult to spend the day processing other business’s wholesale orders, inputting new purchases from small businesses, and not feel like I needed to hop on that train immediately.
  2. I am immersing myself more in the arty small business world! I spend my day talking to people who have been where I’ve been and understand the kind of life I want to lead. I no longer feel so much shame in wanting to have my own success outside of my job and the company I work for gets that I have other priorities. It’s amazing how the lack of guilt and friction from your dreams makes them feel more achievable.
  3. Surely a sign of the unhealthy ways my brain is wired, having less time to do what I want makes me urge to fill it even more. When I had entire days to spend on my art, there was no urgency so I would just procrastinate. Now under a pseudo-deadline of fitting things within the hours I’m not working at Jenny Lemons, the old student-mentality kick-in-the-butt gets me moving.
    Perhaps my body just likes to be extra busy and doesn’t know what to do with itself when it’s not. It’s something I’m still working no since leaving my full-time job. I certainly got used to working basically 2 jobs at once for quite a while.
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