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Article: Where I Shop for My Small Biz

Where I Shop for My Small Biz

Where I Shop for My Small Biz

I often get asked where I source my merchandise or display materials, so I thought I would just put them all in one place for anyone to use as a resource! I try as much as I can to source from local and/or ethically made manufacturers. Extra points to ones that actively care about the environment!


StickerYeti - I just switched to this company from StickerMule and I'm happy so far with the speed and quality! I loved StickerMule's product and buying process but not their politics and company values.

StickerNinja - This Portland-based company treats their employees well with a 4-day work week!

StickerApp - They have some of the lowest prices I've seen, but I personally don't like their default gloss material and sticker thickness. Tons of other vendors I know use them though!

Pins, Keychains, Washi Tape:

Your Stuff Made - I have been using Your Stuff Made for a couple years now and have really enjoyed working with them. They are an ethical manufacturer based in China with great customer service. The great thing about them is that you’re able to put down a 50% deposit on your order and receive a photo of the finished product before paying the rest and having your items shipped out. If you decide to work with them, mention that I (or @madebychanamon) referred you for a discount!


Tiny Fish Printing - I love working with Eileen from Tiny Fish and the rest of their team seems great too. For the indecisive like me, their website has pricing grids for many products so you don't have to email someone with exact specifications to get a quote.

4imprint - For low MOQs on hats and embroidery work. I recommend only using them for low detail, simple designs, though. The good news is you can use up to 7 thread colors free of charge, as opposed to the usual charge per thread color.

Prints & Greeting Cards:

I print these myself so I don’t have a manufacturer to give you, but I have experimented a lot with paper weights so you’re welcome to that info. I also recently switched to precut 8x10 paper for my prints and let me tell you, it is a game changer! I used to not mind trimming down my prints at all but now I can’t go back to that time waster.

Cards: 100lb cardstock

Prints: 120lb matte cardstock or premium matte inkjet paper

CatPrint - I ordered 8x10 prints from them once before I decided to stick to printing everything myself and was pleased with the product.


Desktop Publishing Supplies - Great customer service and good paper prices

Red River Paper - One of the most popular brands of inkjet paper direct from the company (aka not through Amazon!)

Moo - For high-quality postcards, thank you cards, and my pin/earring backing cards (I buy their premium matte business cards for that)

Shipping/Packaging Materials:

REUSE REUSE REUSE all the packaging you get! I slap on a cute "Proudly shipped in reused packaging" sticker onto any mailer or box I reuse, saving both money and environmental waste!

EcoEnclose - For completely compostable or recyclable shipping labels, packing tape, flat-mailers, poly-mailers, and boxes.

ClearBags - For compostable or recyclable clear sleeves (that I only use when absolutely necessary, such as for paper goods), paper shopping bags, backing boards, and envelopes.

PackM - For custom packing tape, product boxes, shipping boxes, and more. Check out the custom tape I made with them here.

Creative displays:

Clear Displays - For those wooden tiered racks everyone has to display cards and prints.

Store Supply - For bigger displays like floor grid walls.

Marketing Holders - For various acrylic wall or countertop displays.


For more lists like this, check out my friends:

The Peach Fuzz

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