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Critter City

Welcome to Critter City! These pieces were crafted for a gallery installation in the window at Jenny Lemons in San Francisco. Each is one of a kind, painted and cut by hand.

These pieces are available for purchase for pick up only at the 24th Street store.

A painted cut out of a raccoon driving a vespa scooter.

Mitchell is always bobbing and weaving through traffic in his bright blue Vespa. The local handyman, Mitchell will get to your house in record time to fix any of your household needs. He will also offer to sell you “found treasures” that he keeps in the boot of his scooter.

20" x 16". Acrylic on foam board.


A painted cut out of a horse using roller-skates

Darryl is a freelance yoga instructor and enjoys skating through the park in the early morning on his way to his sivananda session. He also teaches acro yoga in the park on the weekends.

14" x 19". Acrylic on foam board.

A painted cut out of a mouse riding a bicycle

After winning the Tour de Fromage in 2017, retired cyclist Primož Rodent settled down in Critter City where he goes everywhere on his road bike. If you think you see a head of broccoli moving on the road, it’s probably just Primož going home with his groceries.

13" x 11". Acrylic on foam board.

A painted cut out of a dog flying a propeller plane.

Whiskey is an international jet-setter. Even when flying high in the sky in her plane or scuba diving deep in the ocean, she never forgets the lovely folks on land in her hometown. She always brings goodies and souvenirs back from her world travels to share with everyone.

20" x 14". Acrylic on foam board.

A painted cut out of a dog driving a minivan with a puppy in the back seat looking out the window.

Betsy and Bea are a fun-loving mother-daughter dog duo. Mama Betsy drives little Bea around to all her activities in their green minivan. They love to sing along to the radio and play “I-Spy” in the car. Bea likes to make faces at other kids she sees in passing cars. Bea has an imaginary friendly dinosaur friend named Dowudugum who lives in a cave and flies like a teradactyl.

22" x 15". Acrylic on foam board.

A painted cut out of a cat in sunglasses driving a convertible.

Fred is the coolest cat in town, riding around in his convertible with the top down. He is always wearing sunglasses, even indoors. Some people wonder if he can even see very well through them as he’s gotten in a number of car accidents. Rumor has it that Fred comes from money because the accidents are always paid off quick and he just gets a new car.

21" x 13". Acrylic on foam board.

 A painted cut out of a platypus driving a VW Beetle.

Barry the Platypus is an accountant at Critter City Counters. In his free time, he drives around in his VW Beetle and likes to attend heavy metal concerts.

20" x 13". Acrylic on foam board.

 A painted cutout of a double decker bus full of animal characters

The Mammalian Transportation Authority Bus of Critter City transports dozens of citizens a day. There is only one route and one bus, so don’t be late to catch it! The driver is Geoff who, after getting laid off by Toy”R”Us, moved to Critter City for the quiet life. On his days off, he drives around in his Ferrari which he bought with the royalties from his latest NFT feature.

On the bus is:

  • Harold the Hippopotamus on the phone yelling at his fund manager.
  • Phil the Koala coming home from his shift at the eucalyptus farm.
  • Chelsea the Chipmunk checking the notifications from her latest viral TikTok.
  • The rambunctious Roo twins and their momma Kelly.
  • Ned the Beaver programming his latest video game “Damcraft”.

32" x 24". Acrylic on foam board.